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“Rainy video”. Why did I name so my video? The rain washes away a dust from the streets. Looking in a window on which rain droplets flow down, I have unusual thoughts which wash away “dust” from my heart. For me a rain is always time of rest and thoughts and of course Andrei Tarkovsky has a huge influence on me. Nobody can make such film about rain, putting in these episodes the deepest sense, like him. My works are not always cheerful. I create video like I feel. I like to experiment. Probably I hardly can make the dynamic, commercial clip for a dance music (in correct understanding), but I'd like to move something in each person after viewing of my video, which are not cheerful sometimes. For example, there is not everything about money in our world. I will not dissemble, it is clear that it is impossible to live without money, and if person has a lot of money he can realize many plans. But every person has his own plans and understanding of happiness. Human society is arranged and I'd like to see less “dirt” in our life. I like very much to make video for meditation and relax, which can transfer everyone to other world. The world without vampires and witches who climb to us from TV screens and which really exist in life. So I would like when the viewer saw prompt of “City bird songs” “Rainy video”, it would be clear that he will see something unusual, interesting. My project is very young and I hope it will be obligatory to develop. So...Welcome in “City bird songs” “Rainy video”!