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I welcome all. City bird songs. This small community of creative people. Life is surprising! Englishman Rory and I gave a life to the project. Rory is a musician and he is much older then me. He is seventy and he was old my father's friend. In 1958 the Ural national chorus came on a tour to Great Britain. My father was a part of chorus collective, then young ballet dancer. Rory and my father became friends. Rory “J” is his pseudonym. He asked to call him so and I follow his request. “ I do not want to think I'm seventy! The end comes when you stop to dream” - he speaks and I agree with it. I will not sing the praises. Undoubtedly he is a nice person, God bless him!  My father died in 1984, it was hard to imagine that his old friend from Great Britain will help me to present my project in such difficult and critical moment of my life. Rory was born in Edinburgh in 1942, He studied in London in Royal Holloway at faculty of arts. He has two adult sons who live and work in USA. Besides he is a collector of folk music. He plays piano, guitar, mandoline, Russian balalaika and of course bagpipe. (I tell that what is allowed to me to publish). Lately he said he feels himself not so well and asked me to protect him from possible communication with the press. I ask understanding.

My father was engaged in a collecting and saving of Russian folk music himself and it is possible such interests united them. In Russia people who knew unique songs and music lived in the villages, in the deep province, without possibility to write down all these treasures. They were dying and carried away in a grave unique works of art. My father wanted to save all of that, so he spent many years collecting and writing down  this music and songs in remote Ural villages. I do not know all details of their communication and cooperation. I didn't ask, Rory didn't tell. There was no Internet an that time and it is possible that usual post correspondence was their communication. Rory made contact to me himself in 2009. He wrote to me that he was trying to find me in the Internet, he wanted to know about my father and our family. On one of my site he saw my photo and wrote to me that I look like my father. And he sent a photo where my father was dressed in a kilt. It was very old photo on which my father really was. The kilt was a suit from a concert requisite of the Ural chorus and we had just the same photo in our house. In 1978 my father left a family and he took many pictures with him, including those which were made then, in England. There were a lot of photos made in England, I well remember them. After this I dispelled all doubts and we began to correspond and communicate via Skype. Of course the first time I had a problem with a language. Generally I told him about my parent's life and about my work. In the same 2009 I decided to realize my musical projects and Rory helped me to master work subtleties with a sound and to write down my first album. Sound work naturally demands some experience and the equipment, which I did not have then. I mean proper level equipment. Beside I had no time to be engaged in this. Now my high grade studio is in the suburb of Yekaterinburg. I got into debt a little and specially bought a small house to work in a distance from city noise and vanity.

Other artists joined us later. Nathan and Simeon live in Israel, in Jerusalem, Mikhail in Cologne, Alexey (“Long” Alex) in Hamburg. Alexey and Mikhail finished conservatory of Yekaterinburg and in the early nineties went to Germany. Each of them has a house studio and our communication occurs via Skype or through email, when it is necessary to send these or those files. Well, for example, Nathan opens in a sequencer file with a record of a piano part which Mikhail played and imposes the violin, then he sends files to me. I impose the necessary effects, bass and send it to Rory. He does final work, final editing of a sound (if it is necessary he does remarks) and it is done. Then we listen everything together what turned out. The most part of my tracks from my first album was created this way. Then I thought that it is good idea to organize and give the name to our small union. Revising my photos I paid attention to that where there were these two pigeons. I opened a file in Photoshop, allocated these two pigeons and cut out the image. Then I added a frame, a gradient and wrote “City bird songs”. When my friends and colleagues saw the logo, they told “ It is nice! It is pleasant! It is fine logo of a label!”. Thus my project was born. I consider that any art belongs to all. It does not matter where it was created – in Russia or Great Britain, Israel or Iran. Now artist Vladimir Kostin joined us.(My friends, create not only music)He is my old friend and he is a master of airbrushing and fine portraitist.

Certainly in Yekaterinburg there are fine musicians, studios, but I had no possibility to write down music in this city because of some reasons and circumstances 


Otherwise we weren't allowed by distances and there is important question where the studio should be based in the future because it is not so conveniently to work this way. For this reason there is no speech about live performances. Russia is a nice place for creativity. Beautiful nature! Good people! But there are some nuances which do not allow me to invite this or that musician or artist from another country. I am sure about this because I know the situation and these nuances. I have many friends from other countries, including Great Britain. I do not like to call the names of people without their permission. I think that is right. It is surprisingly, but I receive the letters from other very interesting artists and musicians, which want to present their art, music and painting. Now I will not call the names but tell that it is musicians, artists from Great Britain, Russia, Israel, Italy and USA, including my compatriots which emigrated from Russia. Of course at once I will present their creativity with my great pleasure. If it is actually interesting. It is very important moment. In general, it is possible with full confidence to call creation of “City Bird Songs” project a chain of certain casual events and coincidence (I don't trust in casual situations), which gradually designated the essence and an image of the project. Now I see everything is going well and it is interesting.

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